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from the employee owners at Gardener's Supply Co.

Posts tagged kale

Turn Abundant Kale into a Nutritious Salad

When it comes to easy-care crops, kale tops the list. It thrives best in the cooler temperatures of the north, but gardeners in the south can do just as well with collards. Because it’s so easy to get a good harvest, market gardener Norma Norris of Monkton, VT, is often asked, “What do I do […]

Eat More; Grow More

Bo Muller-Moore, top, from, and the cows from Chick-fil-A.
Did you hear the story about the guy who designed a T-shirt that says Eat More Kale? The slogan “went viral before people knew what viral was,” says Bo Muller-Moore, designer of the T-shirt. That was back in 2000. Now the shirts and stickers are widespread. No doubt, kale-lovers must have been pretty excited to […]


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