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Redefining the Cubicle Farm with a Gr...

Chris Ahrens, marketer and cubicle farmer This gray cubicle needs some life. It needs a garden! Given a choice of where to plant a garden, I bet most gardeners would choose their backyard or community garden. For me, it’s my desk … at work. With winter in full swing and the ground hard as a rock, outdoor gardening is not an option for [...]

6 Easy-Care Houseplants That are Sure...

Peperomias are a diverse group, including everything from smooth-leafed, variegated types to varieties with puckered leaves. Karen brings in a flat of zamifolia plants, sometimes called ZZ plant. Looking for houseplants that can take a long winter — or someone who doesn’t have a green thumb? Here are recommendations from Karen Win [...]

Grow Salad Greens Indoors with the My...

The My Greens Light Garden has four growing trays, so you can ensure a continued flow of fresh greens by planting a new batch of seeds every couple of weeks. After harvest, wash and replant empty trays. Winter is a difficult time for me because there are long periods when I can’t get out into the soil. Spring is still on the far horizo [...]

New Amaryllis for 2013

New for 2013: Safari Grand Diva Flamenco Queen Lemon Star Ambiance It’s hard to beat amaryllis for eye-catching beauty and easy care. And watching an amaryllis bulb come into flower is nothing short of a miracle. This year, we’re proud to add five new varieties to our amaryllis lineup, including Safari, a variety offered only by [...]


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