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Revitalize Your Houseplants with Worm Castings

A few years ago a young woman asked me for help with her large, potted acacia tree. “I’ve had it for several years, and it was doing fine until recently. Now, the leaves are yellowing and dropping, and it’s just not thriving.” This geranium blooms nonstop, thanks to regular fertilizing and top-dressing with worm castin [...]

Houseplants Help Purify the Air

Asparagus fern, one of the top air-scrubbing houseplants. Sure, most people know that houseplants can be used to improve the quality of indoor air. But a new study from the University of Georgia shows that certain houseplants that are better than others. Researchers tested 28 plants and identified a set of five “super ornamentals [...]

Heirloom Christmas Cactus

Heirloom Christmas Cactus
Tough and long-lived, Christmas cactus can be passed easily from one generation to the next, blooming for family gatherings and cheering the darkening autumn days. I’ve given many cuttings of Grampa’s cactus to family and friends over the years. Someday, one of my kids or grandkids may inherit the original. Christmas cactu [...]
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