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Fresh Herbs to Share


More Share your harvest by making a Culinary Herb Bouquet. Herbs are among the easiest plants to grow. They don’t need much care and take up very little space. These were grown in our Elevated Raised Bed, so they are at the perfect height for harvesting. As I cut the plants, the scent from each […]

Enjoy the Natural Scent of Living Lavender


If you’re looking for a houseplant that’s a little different, consider a¬†lavender plant. With proper care, this “living bouquet” offers months of fragrance and bloom indoors. Start by placing your plant in a sunny south-facing window, where it will receive as much light as possible. In low light, growth may become weak and spindly and […]

‘Heal Thyself’: A Garden Project Takes Shape


Featured Plants Thyme Anise hyssop Lemon balm Echinacea Lavender Sage Yarrow Clary sage Bee balm Oregano Peppermint Hyssop Lemon thyme To grow from seed Elacampagne Comfrey Marsh mallow Ginseng Mullein German chamomile Horseradish Chickweed Licorice This summer, Joann Osborne, a customer from Jericho, VT, was able to realize a longtime gardening dream: building a medicinal […]

My Pesto Addiction


I had homemade pesto for dinner last night. And the night before, and last weekend, too. Now that this year’s crop is up and growing strong, I don’t mind using up the rest of last year’s batch of pesto, which I froze in Pesto Cubes. care not to use up my stash. For me, having […]

Culinary Herb Bouquets


A bouquet of culinary herbs that includes several types of sage and thyme, rosemary and lemon verbena. At the end of the growing season, most plants in the garden start to look pretty tired and tattered. The herb garden, on the other hand, always seems to get more lovely. Maybe it’s the aromatic oils that […]

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