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300 Grow Bags Help Preserve Potato Diversity

Curzio Caravati
Curzio Caravati with some of the 300 Potato Grow Bags at the Kenosha Potato Project. As founder and curator of the Kenosha Potato Project Curzio Caravati has grown and catalogued more than 300 varieties of potatoes in his collection. Why? Because he is passionate about preserving the genetic diversity of heirloom potatoes and saving varieties [...]

Time to Harvest Potatoes!

When potatoes are ready for harvest, the plants look pretty shabby. Earlier in the season I wrote about planting potatoes in a re-purposed, three-bay composting bin. We had a very rainy year and the potato plants loved all that moisture. Most of them grew to almost 4 feet tall. The crop looked promising, but a funny thing about growing potat [...]
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