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What’s In Your Grow Bag?


We’re an eclectic bunch of gardeners here at Gardener’s Supply. We love to try out new products in our own gardens and experiment with unusual plants. After hearing about some of these adventures in lunchroom and hallway conversations, I thought it would be fun to collect stories from fellow employee-owners about how they’re using one […]

Sweet Potato Harvest


Do you grow sweet potatoes? Until this year, my answer would have been “no”. As heat-loving plants with a long growing season, they didn’t seem well-suited to my zone 4 garden. This year, we tried growing sweet potatoes in the Potato Grow Bags. The result has been a sweet success. The largest tuber weighed in […]

Time to Harvest Potatoes!


Earlier in the season I wrote about planting potatoes in a re-purposed, three-bay composting bin. We had a very rainy year and the potato plants loved all that moisture. Most of them grew to almost 4 feet tall. The crop looked promising, but a funny thing about growing potatoes is that you don’t know for […]

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