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Grow Salad Greens Indoors with the My Greens Light Garden

The My Greens Light Garden has four growing trays, so you can ensure a continued flow of fresh greens by planting a new batch of seeds every couple of weeks. After harvest, wash and replant empty trays. Winter is a difficult time for me because there are long periods when I can’t get out into the soil. Spring is still on the far horizo [...]

How to Grow Arugula

Arugula seedlings Did you know about our Vegetable Encyclopedia, an online resource that tells you how to grow dozens of crops? For example, here’s what you’ll find in the entry for arugula, a very popular crop these days: Arugula is a salad green also sold as rocket or by its French name, roquette. This member of the mustard fami [...]

Microgreens: A Taste of Spring

From Seed to Harvest in 23 Days I’m still waiting for spring. Waiting — impatiently — to get out there and garden. But no matter the weather, you can grow and harvest a crop of microgreens just a few weeks. Kind of takes the edge off. Spring is coming. It’s so close, I can taste it. For more information, read the article, How to [...]

Flavorful Microgreens Pack Big Nutritional Punch

Microgreens, about a week old. Those delicate, miniature greens decorating your chef-prepared restaurant meal may not only look beautiful and taste delicious, they could be an unexpected source of important nutrients. A recent study reported in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that microgreen cotyledons, or seed leaves, ha [...]

Awesome Arugula

Arugula for salad
A spring-planted crop of arugula, growing at our display gardens in Burlington, VT. Once you’ve cultivated a taste for arugula, you’ll probably want to eat it as often as possible, dressed very simply. Arugula (Eruca sativa) is a non-heading, peppery green, also known as rocket or roquette. Popular in Italian cuisine, it’s b [...]
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