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Going Native with Bill Cullina

Going Native with Bill Cullina
Choosing locally adapted plants makes sense for many reasons. Ferns add texture to woodland gardens and provide the background for colorful native flowering plants. Going Green means different things to different people. For Bill Cullina (pronounced kul-EYE-nuh), it’s literally about “green.” As the Director of Horticulture Research at [...]

Tomato Cages and Ladders Face Off

tomato cage and tomato ladder
Cindy and Kathy at the photo shoot. Like many good ideas, it all began with a casual hallway conversation. Back in the office after a sunny May weekend, Cindy and I were talking about which gardening chores we’d managed to cross off our lists. We had both planted our tomatoes that weekend, but she had put up tomato ladders and I had put [...]

Gardeners You Should Know: Allan Armi...

Gardeners You Should Know: Allan Armitage
Allan Armitage Allan Armitage is one of the world’s leading experts on perennials and annuals. Born in Montreal, Quebec, and now living in Georgia, he has experience gardening in zones 3 through 8. As a professor of Horticulture at the University of Georgia, he oversees the University’s test gardens and new plant programs. Over [...]


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