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What’s Better than a Pink Flamingo?

The winning photo from our contest, sent by Rodger D. Bagby of Dallas, TX: “I saw this reading rabbit at a local gardening store and had to have it for my new garden space. I was wanting to create a whimsical garden in a new area of my property that was recently made available due to a storm.” Shop our selection of Statues and Fou [...]

Random Acts of Gardening — in the Woods

After: A splash of color on those sap buckets
Last week, I found myself looking out the window and watching it snow in mid-April. I began to think about these bumper stickers we have that say “Practice Random Acts of Gardening.” I was trying to think, what would be a random act of gardening — even if I could not be in the garden yet? The perfect solution came to me. Recently [...]

Bottle Trees: Joie de vivre on a stick

The entrance to the children’s garden at Shangri La Botanical Garden in Orange TX, is…well, entrancing. Need a little help with your first bottle tree? Gardener’s Supply offers bottle trees, bottles and a complete bottle tree kit. Unlike my Pink Flamingo friends, many of whom feel like members of an informal clan of nonconformists [...]

Dressing Up a Patio

What happens when a skilled decorator turns to gardening? Blogger/decorator Kelly Elko of took a $7 thrift shop dresser and turned it into a striking centerpiece for her patio. The project was simple. She gave the dresser a fresh coat of paint, lined the drawers with plastic, drilled some drainage holes and filled the [...]

Keep the Garden Lively

Feed the birds when the garden is dormant
For more ideas, see our new slideshow on winter garden decor. Just because the garden is dormant in winter doesn’t mean it can’t be a lively place. With a few well-placed ornaments and some nature-themed ideas, you can enliven a winter landscape. Here are some ideas: Add lights whenever you can. Take advantage of shorter days an [...]
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