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Customized Corners Protect Raised Bed from Garden Pests

This idea comes from a gardener in Arlington, VA, who reviewed our Raised Bed Corners (4 stars): "To prevent rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks from getting into the bed, I wanted to enclose it with a 2-foot-high fence that would still allow easy access to the plantings. The 2-inch-square holes in the corners (which typically are covered [...]

Inspired Entryway

Inspired Entryway
Split bamboo fence entryway built by a customer in Florida. Split bamboo fencing¬†available in two heights and 13 ft lengths. It’s rewarding to see how customers use our products in creative ways. This spring, Adrianne Caldwell of Oviedo, FL, posted this photo of her new front entryway, which she designed with our split bamboo fencing pr [...]
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