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Getting Back to the Garden

Leah Corpieri’s garden on the campus of our Milton, VT, distribution center. Because we are “a company of gardeners,” many of us have employee gardens right outside our workplaces. Here’s the story of one of those gardens. After taking two years off from vegetable gardening (I had moved and could only plant a few conta [...]

Dressing Up a Patio

What happens when a skilled decorator turns to gardening? Blogger/decorator Kelly Elko of took a $7 thrift shop dresser and turned it into a striking centerpiece for her patio. The project was simple. She gave the dresser a fresh coat of paint, lined the drawers with plastic, drilled some drainage holes and filled the [...]

What’s In Your Grow Bag?

Liz grew heirloom Pink Brandywine tomatoes in her Tomato Grow Bags. Talk about tough—the plants survived Hurricane Irene. We’re an eclectic bunch of gardeners here at Gardener’s Supply. We love to try out new products in our own gardens and experiment with unusual plants. After hearing about some of these adventures in lunchroom a [...]
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