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A Recycled Compost Bin


In honor of Earth Day, I’m turning an old compost bin into a new potato bin. I’ve had a three-bay, homemade compost bin for about 15 years. Here’s how they’re supposed to work: Once the first bin is full of yard and kitchen scraps, you move the material into the middle bin to cook. Then […]

Leaf Shredding is Fun

Leaf Shredding is Fun

Turn fallen leaves into a crumbly topping for your garden. The Deluxe Electric Leaf Shredder. Adding leaves in small amounts ensures good results. Even though I’m all grown up, I still get a boyish thrill from destroying things. The Deluxe Electric Leaf Shredder provides the perfect opportunity for some loud, violent destruction. And after a […]

Craving Leaf Mold

Craving Leaf Mold

It’s not a disease—just finely shredded leaves. Gardening could be an inexpensive hobby, but at my house it’s not. One of my many springtime splurges is the purchase (at $8.50 per bag) of six to ten bags of cocoa mulch. I use it in my perennial beds, applying it by the handful and only in […]

Dogs in the Garden

These are the four paws that "protect" my garden.

A letter to the editor warns dog owners to cover their compost piles so their pets can’t eat what’s inside. I’m in the office today, but I’ll bet my dog is in the vegetable garden right now. And I doubt she’s staying on the paths. Unlike the family dogs that have patrolled my garden in […]

Mulch in Moderation

Mulch in Moderation

After spreading cocoa mulch, I like to water the area so the tiny hulls will knit together and are less likely to blow around. I used to disdain people who spread mulch on their flower beds and shrub borders. I thought, “Are they too lazy to weed?” My own flowerbeds were always mulch-free. I did […]

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