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Company Farm: Year Two

Volunteers till up the cover crop that was planted last fall. I love the day in spring when I can take the first plunge into the garden with a spade. The soil yields and I get a hit of that wonderful dirt smell. A new season is spread out in front of me. Like a fresh-tilled field, it’s ripe with promise — and relatively free of weeds. F [...]

Company Farm Update: HARVEST!

wp heart shaped potato
The weather on harvest day was perfect: sunny and temps in the 70s. Before digging up the potatoes, we cut back the foliage and allowed the tubers to cure in the ground for a couple weeks. This spring, we started something called Company Farm. Our goal was to grow food to donate to families in need. Well, the harvest is in, and we dug 325 pou [...]

Company Farm Update: New Potatoes!

Small, “new potatoes” harvested during a round of weeding. Varieties include Superior, Chieftain and Carola. Company Farm, our project to grow food for those in need, is well into its pilot year. So far, so good! Our goal: Grow potatoes in our corporate “backyard” (Burlington, VT), using volunteer gardeners from the st [...]

Company Farm Update: Can’t Stop the Rain; Can’t Stop the Potatoes

Despite the weather-related challenges, our potatoes are growing. After the first five weeks of our pilot year of Company Farm, I’ve learned that farming is not for the fainthearted. Nor is it for people who tend to worry. When you start a farm (or a backyard garden), you surrender certain controls and take what nature dishes out. We st [...]
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