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Prevent Blossom-End Rot, a Common Tomato Disease

A tomato with blossom-end rot. A water-soaked spot at the blossom end of tomato fruits is the classic symptom of blossom-end rot. This relatively common garden problem is not a disease, but rather a physiological disorder caused by a calcium imbalance within the plant. It can occur in pepper, squash, cucumber and melon fruits as well as tomat [...]

Tomato Diseases: Five Ways to Fight Back Now

Early blight. Photo courtesy of Meg McGrath, Cornell University A spell of cool, rainy weather in many parts of the country has created the ideal environment for tomato diseases to flourish. Fungal diseases like late blight, anthracnose and septoria leaf spot spread like wildfire on wet leaves. For many tomato growers, the question isn’ [...]
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