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Jennifer’s Journal: Welcoming Beneficial Wildlife

garter snake
Potatoes are an unusual crop in that you bury the plant as it grows. June 24 Some quick gardening between rainstorms: I weeded beds and fertilized the tomatoes, thinned the newly planted lettuce and hilled all of the potatoes. I also set up a Small Animal Barrier to protect the lettuce from neighborhood critters. June 26 At some point, as you [...]

Hummingbirds at Home

Anna’s Hummingbird with nestlings. Photo: National Audubon Society (Paul Marto) About the Writer This post comes from an article written by Scott Weidensaul, which appeared in the May-June 2013 issue of Audubon Magazine. Reprinted with permission. Vermont Event If you live in Vermont, consider attending Hummingbirds at Home, a workshop [...]

Welcome Bluebirds Into Your Landscape

I know it sounds silly, but somehow I feel like I’m a better person for having bluebirds nesting in my yard. If these brilliant icons of spring opt to spend time in my landscape, then I must be doing something right. If you, too, want to enjoy their company (and benefit from the penchant for munching on garden insect pests) it’s t [...]

Take a Closer Look at Crows

A crow on a barren branch in Death Valley, California. All spring and summer, our fields and gardens are crowded with busy songbirds flitting in and out of feeders, carrying bits of twig and string to their nests and filling the air with their bright songs. But as autumn brings frosty nights and lengthening shadows, the songbirds depart one b [...]
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