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When There’s No Room in the Hive: Divide

A breakaway colony of bees gathers in a birch tree Our daughter called in a panic last week to say that our year-old hive of bees was swarming. “It looks like a huge cloud of bees and they’re heading for a tree in the yard,” she said. By the time my husband, Don, and I got home, the bees had lodged near the top of a 15-foot- [...]

My First Year with Backyard Bees

Setting up a new hive
Bees entering the hive Me, setting up a new hive Bees have always fascinated me. My father was a passionate gardener and I grew up with 11 siblings tending our family garden and our 32 apple, pear and cherry trees. There were bees everywhere — all kinds of bees. We tolerated the occasional bee stings because we knew that the bees were vital t [...]

Hey gardeners: be sure to thank the pollinators

bee covered in pollen
This honeybee is dusted with yellow pollen, which it will inadvertently transfer to other flowers as it gathers nectar and pollen to bring back to the nest. Photo: Suzanne DeJohn It’s National Pollinator Week, a time to celebrate the hardworking bees, birds, butterflies, bats, beetles and other insects and animals that promote healthy e [...]
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