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Garden Vandals Strike, Yet Hope Prevails

banana stump
The stump. How the tree looked early in the season. I went out to weed the front garden early this morning while it was still cool. The bed runs right along the sidewalk on Colchester Avenue in Burlington, VT, so I like to keep it nice. Every year, my spouse and I plant something different, featuring colorful annuals. This year’s design [...]

A Banana Grows in Burlington

A Banana Grows in Burlington
The staked stem of our Himalayan banana tree, growing in Burlington, VT. For many years, we have grown banana trees in our garden. Not for the fruit, but for the large, tropical leaves and the unlikely accent they add to our Vermont gardens. In fall, I dig up the plants and drag the heavy clumps — wrapped in burlap — into the basement for [...]
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