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You Can Grow Chickpeas!


When I heard that the United Nations named 2016 the International Year of Pulses, it motivated me to grow pulses, but first I had to learn what pulses were. Pulses are a type of leguminous crop that are harvested for their dry seed. Examples include dried beans, lentils, and chickpeas. They are packed with nutrients […]

From Backyard to Bottle: a Holiday Gift


Every Christmas I like to make gifts for friends with something from my garden. In the past I’ve made salsa, corn relish, pesto and horseradish. This year, I decided to use the many elderberries on my two trees to make elderberry syrup. I consider it to be a magical elixir and a natural remedy for […]

Summer in a Jar


If you work at Gardener’s Supply, chances are you’ll come to your desk some morning and find a jar of jam waiting for you. It’s because we are a company of gardeners and people make delicious foods with local produce. As a toast-lover, I am always happy to get the jams. My favorite from last […]

From Humble Onion to Something Special


In about an hour, you can turn red onions into a zippy condiment: pickled onions. I use it on hamburgers, salads, potato salad, sandwiches, with cheese and crackers, throw it on a steamed veggie (kale, spinach). It’s an-all around great garnish. Erin’s 1:1:1 Pickles (Water, sugar, red wine vinegar) Slice 2 red onions into thin […]

Colossal Cabbage

Colossal Cabbage

What do you do if your third-grader comes home with a cabbage seedling? You make room! True confession from the mom: “Since I knew it’d get huge, I didn’t want it to take up valuable veggie garden space, so I had him plant it in a Potato Grow Bag, with organic potting soil, some home-grown […]

Roll Out the Un-Welcome Mat for Squirrels


Squirrels seem to be a big problem this year, based on what I hear from customers at our Burlington, VT, garden center. I can substantiate these concerns with my own experience as a dabbler in raised beds and containers. The squirrels are constantly digging up bulbs, mulch, plants and vegetables. No dirt is left unturned […]

Grow Your Own Happy Hour

Grow Your Own Happy Hour

During the third week of April, I traveled to Cornelius, NC, where my daughter and family moved in early March. Longtime NYC area residents, they asked me to brighten up their yard with plants. I mailed them the most recent Gardeners Supply catalog to give them ideas. To my great surprise, my son-in-law took me […]

Potato Beetles, You’re Busted!


In the garden, it helps to know your foes. Last week, we spotted some strange “bugs” on our tomato plants. Turns out that they’re larvae of the Colorado potato beetle. Because our potato crop is nearby, we wanted to take care of the problem right away. We put on gloves and scraped the larvae into […]

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