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Gold Leaf Gardening Gloves Earn Royal Approval

Gold Leaf Soft Touch Gloves
From the UK to the US Gold Leaf  Soft Touch Gloves Gardener’s Supply is proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of Gold Leaf Gardening Gloves. We offer: Tough Touch: Protect hands and keep them warm and dry — even in the thorniest situations. Gauntlet covers wrist and forearm. Winter Touch: Thinsulate™ layer plus Ski-Dri™ lining kee [...]

Report Links Pesticides to Children’s Health Problems

Though cold winds chill the air and snow blankets much of the U.S., pesticide use remains a hot topic — and not only among gardeners. The most recent comments come from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Council on Environmental Health, whose December 2012 policy statement makes a clear link between pesticide exposure and children’s hea [...]

Abundant Inspiration at Hampton Court

award winning floribunda rose
The Rose of The Year for 2013, You’re Beautiful, on display at the Hampton Court Flower Show. This floribunda produces an abundance of bright pink, lightly scented flowers. Height and spread: 3×3′. Fashion meets horticulture in this strapless gown crafted from hundreds of roses. Our team of designers and buyers is always look [...]

Keep the Garden Lively

Feed the birds when the garden is dormant
For more ideas, see our new slideshow on winter garden decor. Just because the garden is dormant in winter doesn’t mean it can’t be a lively place. With a few well-placed ornaments and some nature-themed ideas, you can enliven a winter landscape. Here are some ideas: Add lights whenever you can. Take advantage of shorter days an [...]

Where the Garden Meets the Street

Brugmansias, stealing the show.Every summer, the front border at our house is reserved for a display of annuals. It’s beside the sidewalk on one of Burlington’s main thoroughfares, so we want it to be special. This year, my partner designed a border that features brugmansias and other plants in hot colors, including a Chinese bana [...]

Inspired Entryway

Inspired Entryway
Split bamboo fence entryway built by a customer in Florida. Split bamboo fencing available in two heights and 13 ft lengths. It’s rewarding to see how customers use our products in creative ways. This spring, Adrianne Caldwell of Oviedo, FL, posted this photo of her new front entryway, which she designed with our split bamboo fencing pr [...]

The Fickle Season

Magnolia blossoms from a variety called Leonard Messel. Those late-winter/early spring snowfalls can be hard on a gardener. But spring is that way. It comes; it retreats. This year’s early warmth wakened our magnolia three weeks ahead of schedule. And over the weekend, it burst into bloom, providing a scented backdrop for weekend garden [...]

Project Budburst

Project Budburst
An ornamental cherry, Prunus virginiana, breaking bud in early April in Wisconsin. Gardeners tend to be keen observers. We watch for the first emerging bulbs in spring, check daily on our ripening tomatoes so we can harvest them at their peak, keep a close eye on the weather so we can protect plants if a late frost threatens. If you enjoy [...]
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