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Hot Peppers as Perennials? Sure!

Habanero peppers A potted serrano pepper As the gardening season comes to a close here in Vermont, some of us are just not taking it well. At all. I mean, how frustrating that our beautiful peppers are finally starting to ripen and short, cold days are just around the corner! Peppers — just like tomatoes and eggplants — are perennial in hot z [...]

Jennifer’s Journal: A Really Ta...

Filet beans Not long after I started my job at Gardener’s Supply in early spring, a box arrived packed full with strong, healthy plants with my name on it. While this wasn’t unusual for me — I’ve shipped myself irresistible specimens at odd times of year before — it was early in the season to put these beauties i [...]

Jennifer’s Journal: But Have Yo...

Braised radishes make an excellent side dish. When’s the last time that you absolutely fell in love with a vegetable? Better yet, can you recall a time that you saw an old acquaintance in a totally new light and felt your heart unexpectedly flutter? Well, if all goes well, I am about to send you on a journey to that mysterious and ma [...]

Jennifer’s Journal: Too Much Pr...

A midsummer harvest from my garden At this time of year, I am swimming in produce! A lot of my usual garden chores have taken a backseat to preserving the many vegetables I’m harvesting here at Gardeners’ Supply and in my home garden. I’m trying to stay aware of which beds should be marked for cover cropping and which should [...]

Jennifer’s Journal: A Refreshin...

Doll Baby Icebox watermelon and Sun Jewel melon I have been concentrating on feeding the garden, both with foliar sprays and nutrient drenches. Just imagining that every annual vegetable is a baby and a mother during its short life cycle, makes me want to give each one as much support as I can. Before I became aware of following a feeding sc [...]

Jennifer’s Journal: The Garden ...

A basket of just-picked tomatoes will be welcome in the staff lunch room. Planting your fall beds with Super Hoops in place makes it easy to add protection when colder days arrive. July 29 This week I have been planting fall garden beds. The timing is about right, here in Zone 5, for putting in beets, carrots, turnips, snap peas and cold-tole [...]

Tying Up Tomato Supports

Colorful Garden Clips
A tomato branch starts inside the cage, goes outside for a bit, and then returns back inside. July 22 Most of my time lately has been spent pruning tomato suckers, staking and supporting growing plants and monitoring the gardens for pests and disease. We’ve heard that late blight has made its way to Vermont (so sad) so I’ve been o [...]

Easy-Care Fruits: Currants, Mulberrie...

Fruit on the mulberry tree June 24 Between all of the weeding and feeding, I am definitely noticing some major plant growth. All of the sudden, tomato branches need to be fastened to their supports as they begin to reach outward and upward. There’s lots of fruit development in the tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, as well as many garden [...]


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