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Horticulture is Healing

Making a wreath Donna Covais “Donna, your wreath looks better than mine, except I can see what I am doing!” After being a florist for more than 30 years — and gardening for the majority of her life — it is no wonder that Donna Covais can design beautiful gardens, wreaths and floral arrangements. What separates her from the crowd i [...]

B Corps: People Using Business as a Force for Good

What’s in the name? The B is for benefit, and it’s Corp as in corporation. We’re excited. Today, Gardener’s Supply has joined a class of companies called B Corps. With this certification comes a dual mission that combines bottom-line success and social responsibility. In short: Do well and do good. Since we started ba [...]

Help Monarchs by Planting Milkweed in Your Garden

Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on butterfly milkweed plants. The eggs hatch about four days after they are laid, and the tiny caterpillars, with their dramatic stripes, take about two weeks to grow to their greatest size — during which time they eat butterfly milkweed plants exclusively. Here, a monarch caterpillar is just beginning its m [...]

Company Farm Update: HARVEST!

wp heart shaped potato
The weather on harvest day was perfect: sunny and temps in the 70s. Before digging up the potatoes, we cut back the foliage and allowed the tubers to cure in the ground for a couple weeks. This spring, we started something called Company Farm. Our goal was to grow food to donate to families in need. Well, the harvest is in, and we dug 325 pou [...]

Announcing 2013 Garden Grant Winners

Building raised beds for community gardens in Winooski, VT Congratulations to this year’s winners of grants from the American Community Gardening Association and Gardener’s Supply. Recipients were selected based on need, community involvement, influence on the community and the number of people served by the project. Gardener̵ [...]

Garden Volunteers at Gardener’s Supply

Terrazza planters hold tomatoes, supported by Tomato Ladders. Gina serves lunch after the gardening is complete. Last week — on a rare day free of rain — volunteers from the marketing department went to rejuvenate some gardens at a facility that serves Burlington’s homeless. We spent the morning digging out weeds and planting a fresh ba [...]

Company Farm Update: Can’t Stop the Rain; Can’t Stop the Potatoes

Despite the weather-related challenges, our potatoes are growing. After the first five weeks of our pilot year of Company Farm, I’ve learned that farming is not for the fainthearted. Nor is it for people who tend to worry. When you start a farm (or a backyard garden), you surrender certain controls and take what nature dishes out. We st [...]

Company Farm: Gardening for Good

Volunteers plant potatoes on May 15. We planted 67 pounds of seed potatoes; our harvest goal is 500 pounds or more. At our Burlington campus, we’re trying something new this year: growing potatoes. Lots of potatoes. If all goes well, we will harvest more than 500 pounds of potatoes this fall and donate them to the local food shelf. We&# [...]
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