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11 Other Ways to Use the Boot Tray

Orchid plants growing on a boot tray with rubber grids for drainage.
Jumbo Boot Tray When it comes to humble, hardworking products, our Boot Tray makes the top of the list. It’s simple, sturdy and contains the mess. Nothing fancy. In recent years, our customers have shown us that the Boot Tray is not just for boots. Shop for Boot Trays However you decide to use our trays, they are available in three siz [...]

Seen at the Farm Show

Can you guess what this is? (You’ll find the answer at the end of the post.) This year’s Vermont Farm Show in Essex Junction showcased the remarkable range of farm products raised, crafted and sold in the state and, in some cases, nationwide. Here’s a sampling of vendors at the show. These charming characters are knitted fro [...]

Enjoy the Natural Scent of Living Lav...

A Lavender Plant makes a wonderful winter houseplant and thoughtful gift. If you’re looking for a houseplant that’s a little different, consider a lavender plant. With proper care, this “living bouquet” offers months of fragrance and bloom indoors. Start by placing your plant in a sunny south-facing window, where it wi [...]

The Fickle Season

Magnolia blossoms from a variety called Leonard Messel. Those late-winter/early spring snowfalls can be hard on a gardener. But spring is that way. It comes; it retreats. This year’s early warmth wakened our magnolia three weeks ahead of schedule. And over the weekend, it burst into bloom, providing a scented backdrop for weekend garden [...]

Using Essential Oils

Essential Oil for Aromatherapy
Essential Oil Essential oils can improve your mood and clear your mind with plant-derived fragrances. For instance, choose peppermint to cheer holiday gatherings, lavender to bring deep sleep, and orange to freshen the air. Use our Essential Oils to create spa-inspired gifts, such as soaps, room fresheners, bath salts and salves. Essential oi [...]

Refresh Your Home for Fall

Styling for Fall
Stephen Saint-Onge is a designer who is all about helping people make their homes be the best they can be — no matter who they are, where they are or how big or small their house is. On his website and in his recent book, No Place Like Home, Stephen points to Gardener’s Supply as a favorite resource. Why us? Stephen believes our products are [...]

New Colorful Windowboxes

Learn the plants used in this colorful planter box.
Plants for the grape Self-Watering Windowbox: Diamond Frost euphorbia, Tapien Blue Violet verbena, Dolce Blackcurrant heuchera, Soprano White osteospermum, Superbells Saffron calibrachoa, Angelface Blue angelonia and Mini Blue Supertunia. If you’re ready to be stylish and bold, check out our Self-Watering Windowboxes in two new colors: [...]

Bedbugs are Back

A great alternative to chemical pesticides
Organic Bed Bug Spray works with clove and peppermint oils. Also available: Organic Bed Bug Spray Travel Pack. Back when I was a kid, bedbugs were relegated to quaint good-night rituals. These nocturnal noshers were pretty much eradicated in the developed world by the 1940s. No one can say for sure why, but there’s been a rising inciden [...]


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