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Jennifer’s Journal: Too Much Produce? Freeze!


At this time of year, I am swimming in produce! A lot of my usual garden chores have taken a backseat to preserving the many vegetables I’m harvesting here at Gardeners’ Supply and in my home garden. I’m trying to stay aware of which beds should be marked for cover cropping and which should be […]

Fighting Fruit Flies


To get rid of fruit flies, the easy and efficient solution is to buy a trap. We offer some beautiful options, including a crackle-glass pear that looks nothing like a trap. However, if you are looking for a DIY solution, here are some of the best ideas from the employee-owners of Gardener’s Supply: Ann: My […]

11 Other Ways to Use the Boot Tray

Orchid plants growing on a boot tray with rubber grids for drainage.

When it comes to humble, hardworking products, our Boot Tray makes the top of the list. It’s simple, sturdy and contains the mess. Nothing fancy. In recent years, our customers have shown us that the Boot Tray is not just for boots. Shop for Boot Trays However you decide to use our trays, they are […]

Seen at the Farm Show


This year’s Vermont Farm Show in Essex Junction showcased the remarkable range of farm products raised, crafted and sold in the state and, in some cases, nationwide. Here’s a sampling of vendors at the show. Where did that big green egg come from? An emu! Find more photos at the Vermont Farm Show web site. […]

Enjoy the Natural Scent of Living Lavender


If you’re looking for a houseplant that’s a little different, consider a lavender plant. With proper care, this “living bouquet” offers months of fragrance and bloom indoors. Start by placing your plant in a sunny south-facing window, where it will receive as much light as possible. In low light, growth may become weak and spindly and […]

The Fickle Season


Those late-winter/early spring snowfalls can be hard on a gardener. But spring is that way. It comes; it retreats. This year’s early warmth wakened our magnolia three weeks ahead of schedule. And over the weekend, it burst into bloom, providing a scented backdrop for weekend garden chores. But we woke this morning to snow, and […]

Using Essential Oils

Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

Essential oils can improve your mood and clear your mind with plant-derived fragrances. For instance, choose peppermint to cheer holiday gatherings, lavender to bring deep sleep, and orange to freshen the air. Use our Essential Oils to create spa-inspired gifts, such as soaps, room fresheners, bath salts and salves. Essential oils can improve your mood […]

An Indoor Kitchen Garden


Craving a little garden-fresh crunch? Sprouts deliver! Start a “kitchen garden” on your windowsill and discover a new source of fresh, locally grown vegetables and greens. Pea and bean seeds sprout in just a few days and add flavor and crunch to stir-fries and salads. The Sprout Growing Kit’s stacked trays hold different seed mixes […]

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