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Create a Big Display with Small Bulbs

Small bulbs are easier to plant because you don’t have to dig a deep hole. Chionodoxa is not very well-known, but it performs beautifully every spring. In our front garden, there is a bed that runs along the sidewalk. I love to fill it with spring-blooming bulbs every year — usually tulips. Because tulips don’t put on a good show [...]

Introducing Intervale: Hand-Picked Gifts Inspired by Nature

Find nature-inspired décor and sure-to-please gifts at Serene & Green Home, one of our new Shop by Inspiration collections. What’s in a name? In our case, quite a lot! Gardener’s Supply is proud to have grown up in an area called “the Intervale,” a river valley filled with farms and forestland just minutes from do [...]

New Amaryllis for 2013

New for 2013: Safari Grand Diva Flamenco Queen Lemon Star Ambiance It’s hard to beat amaryllis for eye-catching beauty and easy care. And watching an amaryllis bulb come into flower is nothing short of a miracle. This year, we’re proud to add five new varieties to our amaryllis lineup, including Safari, a variety offered only by [...]

How to Get Dahlias to Last Longer in Bouquets

This bouquet features three varieties. The orange one is a cactus-flowered type and I’ve lost the name. The white one is Prince Charming, and the small yellow one, a waterlily style, is Peggy Jean. All good producers and keepers for next year. Up here in Vermont, the dahlia season has arrived late, but those of us who’ve escaped e [...]

Gardening at Age 99

Clara’s early harvest. Clara’s backyard plot Maggie in her garden. What is a hobby you can do the rest of your life? Gardening — with adaptations. Take it from a couple of 99-year-olds. My mom, Maggie, claims that gardening is her psychiatrist. She wants to have a garden even if it doesn’t grow or produce anything she can ea [...]

Mosaiculture in Montreal

[fsg_gallery id=”1″] I just returned from a visit to Mosaïcultures Internationales, taking place this year at the Montreal Botanical Garden. From the photos, you can see that it’s an amazing show, which runs through Sept. 29. If you are in the area, make plans for a visit. The event takes place only once every three years. W [...]

Garden Vandals Strike, Yet Hope Prevails

banana stump
The stump. How the tree looked early in the season. I went out to weed the front garden early this morning while it was still cool. The bed runs right along the sidewalk on Colchester Avenue in Burlington, VT, so I like to keep it nice. Every year, my spouse and I plant something different, featuring colorful annuals. This year’s design [...]

Jennifer’s Journal: Planting for Privacy

A row of sunflowers can become a temporary privacy hedge. June 5 I have been planting like mad! Almost every bed has been planted with so many goodies, including tons of tomatoes, cucumbers on a trellis, and vertical icebox watermelons. Next project: I’m off to solve some privacy screening issues. I’d like to grow a vegetative scr [...]
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