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Revitalize Your Houseplants with Worm Castings

A few years ago a young woman asked me for help with her large, potted acacia tree. “I’ve had it for several years, and it was doing fine until recently. Now, the leaves are yellowing and dropping, and it’s just not thriving.” This geranium blooms nonstop, thanks to regular fertilizing and top-dressing with worm castin [...]

Revolutionary Compost

Curbside composting bicycle pickup
The folks at One Revolution use special bike trailers to make pick-ups and deliveries — in all kinds of weather. We are happy to hear about a new composting program here in Burlington, VT: home pick-up of compostable kitchen scraps — by bicycle. A bike-delivery service called One Revolution is offering this great option for folks who don̵ [...]

Indoor Composting with Worms

compost using worms
The Worm Factory Worms in the house? Yes, as long as they help with the housework. Our new Worm Factory worm composter houses 8,000 to 12,000 worms who will work tirelessly, night and day, turning kitchen scraps into rich compost for your garden. And worm compost has 10 times the nutrients of regular compost. Once established, the worms will [...]

A Recycled Compost Bin

In honor of Earth Day, I’m turning an old compost bin into a new potato bin. The three-bay bin at the north end of my vegetable garden, with the new bin behind it off to the right. I’ve had a three-bay, homemade compost bin for about 15 years. Here’s how they’re supposed to work: Once the first bin is full of yard and kitche [...]

Dogs in the Garden

These are the four paws that "protect" my garden.
A letter to the editor warns dog owners to cover their compost piles so their pets can’t eat what’s inside. These are the four paws that “protect” my garden. I’m in the office today, but I’ll bet my dog is in the vegetable garden right now. And I doubt she’s staying on the paths. Unlike the family dog [...]

Composting Near and Far

Here I am at the farm with Tierra Pacifica’s organic farm manager, Elias Roriguez. We’re experiencing great success by combining traditional agricultural methods with contemporary innovations. Gardener’s Supply has been promoting organic gardening techniques and composting since 1984. During these past 25 years, our customers have [...]

Compost Confession

Dinner prep in progress, with the Biobag close at hand, right by the cutting board.
I have a confession to make: Although I work for Gardener’s Supply, I don’t have a backyard composter. Startling, but true. Dinner prep in progress, with the Biobag close at hand, right by the cutting board. All yard waste—and there’s a lot of it—is thrown directly into the bed of my truck. From there, I bring it to the Inte [...]
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