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Horticulture is Healing

Making a wreath Donna Covais “Donna, your wreath looks better than mine, except I can see what I am doing!” After being a florist for more than 30 years — and gardening for the majority of her life — it is no wonder that Donna Covais can design beautiful gardens, wreaths and floral arrangements. What separates her from the crowd i [...]

Good Ideas Grow in the Pumpkin Patch

Just-harvested pumpkins Our exceptionally productive plant grew 29 pumpkins. Sometimes the most successful fund-raisers are spontaneous. A recent effort here at Gardener’s Supply started with a single pumpkin plant, which grew to massive proportions, sending its vines throughout our test gardens. By the end of last week, we had harveste [...]

Company Farm: Year Two

Volunteers till up the cover crop that was planted last fall. I love the day in spring when I can take the first plunge into the garden with a spade. The soil yields and I get a hit of that wonderful dirt smell. A new season is spread out in front of me. Like a fresh-tilled field, it’s ripe with promise — and relatively free of weeds. F [...]

B Corps: People Using Business as a Force for Good

What’s in the name? The B is for benefit, and it’s Corp as in corporation. We’re excited. Today, Gardener’s Supply has joined a class of companies called B Corps. With this certification comes a dual mission that combines bottom-line success and social responsibility. In short: Do well and do good. Since we started ba [...]

How I Built a Raised Bed in My Laundry Room

This laundry platform is made with 12″ Raised Bed Corners. Our aluminum Raised Bed Corners come in several heights: 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″ and 23″, each sized to fit standard 2 x lumber. Over the years, I’ve helped develop dozens of gardening innovations here at Gardener’s Supply. Among my [...]

Gift Ideas for Gardeners — from Gardeners!

Glass Greenhouse Ornament Need a gift for a gardener? Ask a gardener! To assemble this list, we put a call out to our “company of gardeners,” asking for their favorites. Here’s what they suggest: Harvest Storage Crate Dalton: I like to give bundled gifts that serve more than one purpose. That’s why I am planning to gi [...]

Gardening Clothes at Work

Jennifer Prince, left, and Deborah Miuccio test our new Wildwood garden clothing line. In 2013, Jennifer managed vegetable and fruit gardens on our Burlington, VT, campus. She is also a frequent contributor to this blog. We asked two of our most active “in-the-dirt” gardeners to try out some of the clothing in our new Wildwood lin [...]

Announcing the Holiday Door Decor Photo Contest

An old-fashioned sled, decorated with fresh greens and a set of battery-powered Micro Dot Lights. How do you decorate your door for the holidays? Is it understated or over the top? Take a photo and enter the Door Decor Photo Contest on Facebook. You could win a Gardener’s Supply Gift Card. You can also enter via Instagram or Twitter. J [...]
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