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What’s Better than a Pink Flamingo?


The winning photo from our contest, sent by Rodger D. Bagby of Dallas, TX: “I saw this reading rabbit at a local gardening store and had to have it for my new garden space. I was wanting to create a whimsical garden in a new area of my property that was recently made available due to a storm.”

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WHEN it comes to lawn ornaments, it’s hard to beat the classic pink flamingo. Sure, gnomes could be considered classic, but what’s new? Isn’t it time for another classic?

We asked for photos of your favorite garden art, and we got many clever ideas, including flamingos, gnomes — even a giraffe. Our judges liked the reading rabbit, above, but there were many more beautiful accents and clever displays. Maybe there’s a new classic in the lineup. You can see our favorites in the slideshow, below.


  1. Melody Patocka
    September 2, 2014    

    I just LOVE the reading Rabbit! I would have had to have him too!

  2. Nance
    September 3, 2014    

    I was once going to make reading my home garden theme. I have seen all kinds of statues and forms of various materials featuring animals and people reading. Unfortunately, I had to leave that house, and where I am now just doesn’t have that calling…yet. I retire inabout a year, so that desire for readers in my yard may yet return! Nance Ketcham, Rutland, VT

  3. njf
    September 5, 2014    

    I love the reading rabbit….It’s Uncle Wiggly….where did you get it?
    what company made it?
    thanks so much.

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