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Super Hoops Temper Blazing California Sun

Super Hoops protect crops from sun

Super Hoops in raised beds

Use Hi Hi-Rise Super Hoops and garden fabric to protect crops from intense sun

A great idea from a five-star review written by a gardener in Eagle Rock, CA:

“In the past I’ve constructed hoops and frames out of PVC pipe. Those worked OK, but were flimsy and looked a little haphazard. I ordered these hoops hoping for a more efficient solution and cleaner look and I couldn’t be more pleased. They are deceptively simple, but work great in my raised beds. I attach the shade cloth with a few binder clips and so far so good — my plants seem to be thriving despite the blazing southern California heat.”

wp-review-starsThis is one of more than 100,000 reviews on our site. As you shop, you can find reviews on each product page. Just look for the green stars.

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