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How I Built a Raised Bed in My Laundry Room

Raised bed platform

This laundry platform is made with 12″ Raised Bed Corners.

Raised Bed Corners

Our aluminum Raised Bed Corners come in several heights: 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″, 15″ and 23″, each sized to fit standard 2 x lumber.

Over the years, I’ve helped develop dozens of gardening innovations here at Gardener’s Supply. Among my favorites is the Raised Bed Corner. It’s a foolproof way to build beautiful raised beds, using standard lumber. Last month, I put this innovation to work in our laundry room.

See, my wife and I wanted to save water and energy in the laundry room, so a fancy, low-water-use, front-loading washer came to live with us. To save our backs during loading and unloading, I built a simple, 12″-high raised bed, using the Raised Bed Corners and standard 2 x 12 lumber. For the top, I used 1″ thick barn boards, leftovers from another project. Another option would be a piece of 3/4″ plywood. Because the platform is meant to support two appliances, I used a 2 x 12 in the middle to keep the 30″ x 60″ platform from sagging. It’s actually stronger than most floors.

Frank Oliver

Frank Oliver, a product developer at Gardener’s Supply, gardens in northern Vermont. He is already at work on his next brilliant idea.

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