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What to Do with Green Tomatoes?

Crate of green tomatoes

Michelle’s entry in the Harvest Photo Contest (shown in our Stacking Harvest Storage Crate).

In October, Michelle Terry of Tecumseh, KS, sent us this photo — an entry in our Harvest Photo Contest. Although her photo wasn’t chosen as a winner, we had to ask: What did you do with all the green tomatoes?

“This is a bit of a funny story,” Michelle says. “My three tomato plants grew so big and were so prosperous that my hubby threw down an ultimatum. It was either him or the plants. The plants were growing into our dog pen as well as spilling onto the walkways between the beds. Add to that is the fact that I am the only person who eats tomatoes in my family.

“Knowing that it was time to plant my cover crop for the winter, I sadly opted to pull out my plants and compost them. There were so many tomatoes left on the vine (what you see in the picture), I couldn’t bear to toss them, too. I kept them in the crate for several days and let a few of them ripen. I carted the box around and positioned it in several areas of my yard as “decoration.” It was when hubby found them perched in the seat of his John Deere tractor (green on green!) that he took over and let my son use them as balls for throwing practice (he’s a catcher). All that remains are the bright green tomatoes slowly decomposing in my neighbor’s field.

“My revenge? I’m planting five plants next year and will find a fabulous fried green tomato recipe.”

Michelle is a blogger and gardener. “I absolutely LOVE Gardener’s Supply and have seven of your raised beds to prove it.”


  1. January 11, 2014    

    You can always make green tomato chow chow. It’s a kind of relish that can be used on hamburgers or hot dogs anything you would put pickle relish on. You can find recipes in canning books.

  2. Joan
    January 14, 2014    

    We somewhat ‘enjoy’ having green tomatoes. Every year we make a creative holiday gift for our friends and family; something unusual and a bit surprising. Last year we used our green tomatoes to make ‘raspberry’ jam, which tastes very much like raspberry jam. We served it at Christmas breakfast and surprised everyone that there was not a raspberry in the jar!

  3. marie
    April 5, 2014    

    Does anyone have a recipe for canning green tomatoes to be fried later?

  4. Ddeborah D. Young
    August 11, 2016    

    Years ago I had an overabundance of green tomatoes at the end of the season. My daddy suggested that I wrap each one individually in newspaper, store them in our basement in a dark area and sure enough, they began to ripened and we have “fresh” tomatoes from October through the first part of January. Extra treat!

  5. Judy Losier
    August 11, 2016    

    My mother used to make green tomato mincemeat pies. They were ok.

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