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Gardening Clothes at Work

Wildwood garden clothing

Jennifer Prince, left, and Deborah Miuccio test our new Wildwood garden clothing line.

Jennifer Prince in Wildwood garden clothing

In 2013, Jennifer managed vegetable and fruit gardens on our Burlington, VT, campus. She is also a frequent contributor to this blog.

We asked two of our most active “in-the-dirt” gardeners to try out some of the clothing in our new Wildwood line. Deborah is our lead product tester and Jennifer manages our campus vegetable garden. Here’s their report:

Jennifer Prince
I love these clothes! After working in them, washing them and wearing them around town, I realized that I have never before owned specialized “gardening clothes.” I usually wear jeans or yoga pants with crummy t-shirts for gardening. Now I realize that there’s a huge difference.

The Wildwood Field Pants

  • Double-thick knees keep moisture from seeping through. I can tell they won’t wear thin like my jeans.
  • On laundry day I always have to shake my pants off outside before I throw them in the washer because they collect all kinds of soil and debris in the creases. With these pants, the canvas fabric doesn’t seem to trap dirt.


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  • I love the hint of pink inside! That little pop really makes a difference; it has the same  effect as wearing a stylish scarf, but smartly engineered right into your work clothes.
  • I was struck by how warm this is — perfect for cooler fall weather. I find the pockets to be a comfortable fit for my hands when they’re chilly.

Perennial Favorite Pullover

  • Great fit, very comfortable. The fabric feels weighty and cozy, but not at all sweaty.
  • I’m not a tall person, so I appreciate that this top hits me below my waist but just above my hips. I struggle when shirts are exaggerated in length, as they often don’t flatter my height.
Deborah Miuccio in Wildwood garden clothing

Like Jennifer, product tester Deborah Miuccio works in our company’s beautiful backyard, testing products we sell. Her posts appear frequently in this blog.

Deborah Miuccio
The pants and jacket are made of rugged material – I don’t have to worry about snagging, ripping or tearing the fabric when I’m pruning shrubs. They are good for the toughest jobs.

The jacket is a perfect weight for fall or early spring weather. I’ve even worn it in a light rain and the moisture didn’t soak through. The lining is soft and cozy warm, but still feels breathable.

With the reinforced knees on the pants, I can kneel on the ground for weeding, and the higher waist ensures that I don’t catch a cold breeze on my back.

The pullover is soft and comfortable. The thumb holes help keep me warm while raking leaves on colder days, and for wearing under gloves while skiing or making snowmen after the gardening season is done.

In these clothes, I can go from cutting back perennials and raking leaves to watching Saturday morning soccer games at the park, and feel comfortable the entire day.

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