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Meet Jennifer, Our Creative Gardener

Say hello to Jennifer, our new Creative Gardener. She’s managing our gardens here in Burlington, VT, where we set up photo shoots for our catalog and find inspiration for blog posts and newsletter articles. Jennifer will be sharing her gardening journey with readers throughout the summer. Stay tuned for her regular posts and garden photos. -Ann Whitman

Jennifer Prince

Jennifer Prince

My return to gardening as an adult was all about wanting more control over my food; in fact, I was gardening out of a 1986 Chevy van. As I traveled the country selling my photography at juried art fairs, I struggled to find the same quality of vegetables that I had grown up eating out of our family garden. Moving from state to state, I would sun my plants at campgrounds and fetch them water in truckstop bathrooms. I can’t admit to a lot of success, but my experience inspired me to head home to Vermont and put down some more permanent roots.

Today, I have an awesome, ever-changing, experiment-friendly garden and greenhouse in the Lake Champlain Islands. My greatest pleasure comes from saving seeds and learning about vegetable breeding. I love keeping chickens and bees, tending fruit trees, and, most of all, eating, eating, eating! I share my simple plant-based recipes at

At Gardener’s Supply, I am the Creative Gardener, meaning that the gardens I manage are used for catalog photo shoots and blog posts. This is a perfect fit for me because I get to work with our photographer and photo stylist (Geoff Fosbrook and Lizzy Williams) who speak a language I understand. What’s more, I get to be a total garden geek, swimming in a friendly sea with other garden geeks. It’s pretty exciting.


  1. Ann
    May 16, 2013    

    Clearly one talented individual, I’m looking forward to reading your posts!

  2. Dave Eiser
    June 8, 2013    

    I really do love Gardeners Supply Co., but I do have 1 complaint. I have 3 of your Revolution Tomato hanging planters, and due to the sun and watering, they just last 1 season. I ordered 3 replacement covers, and they were horrendously expensive! Priced almost as much as I paid originally. I ordered the kit complete with soil & fertilizer, because it was a better deal, but ‘come on guys and gals, can’t you just sell us the new covers without gouging us on the price? It shouldn’t cost me almost $50 bucks each year to plant tomatoes !
    Thanks for your time & attention .

    • Gardener's Supply
      June 9, 2013    

      I’ll pass this to our Customer Service team, where they keep track of feedback from customers. -David Grist, Gardener’s Supply

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