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Revolutionary Compost

The folks at One Revolution use special bike trailers to make pick-ups and deliveries — in all kinds of weather.

We are happy to hear about a new composting program here in Burlington, VT: home pick-up of compostable kitchen scraps — by bicycle.

A bike-delivery service called One Revolution is offering this great option for folks who don’t have space to compost. Plus, it takes kitchen scraps out of the landfills and reduces the amount of fossil fuel used to truck the material away.

The pilot program, called Revolution Compost, begins March 15, with the goal of year-round pick-ups.

For a one-time start-up fee, Revolution Compost provides a kitchen bin, compostable bags and a sealed outdoor bin for pick-ups. As a bonus, the company will deliver a bag of Intervale Compost for every 30 gallons of food waste they take away.

One Revolution has been delivering food shares from Community Supported Agriculture farms (CSAs) to households in Burlington by bicycle. Picking up compostable waste the same way extends that service through the consumer food chain.

Here’s hoping the pilot program is a success and that other communities pick up on this great idea.


  1. Anonymous
    March 12, 2011    

    What a fabulous win win concept!!!

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