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Bedbugs are Back

Organic Bed Bug Spray

Organic Bed Bug Spray works with clove and peppermint oils. Also available: Organic Bed Bug Spray Travel Pack.

Back when I was a kid, bedbugs were relegated to quaint good-night rituals. These nocturnal noshers were pretty much eradicated in the developed world by the 1940s. No one can say for sure why, but there’s been a rising incidence of bedbugs since the mid 1990s. Some people attribute it to an increase in international travel; others think that for decades, bedbugs were kept in check with chemicals, including DDT, that were used to fight cockroaches.

What is clear is that the presence of bedbugs is not a sign of poor housekeeping, and that the bugs don’t discriminate by class. They’ve found their way into some of the swankiest resorts and fanciest hotels, likely by hitching rides in clothing and luggage.


Adult bedbugs are about a quarter inch long.

The most widely used pesticides to control bedbugs contain synthetic pyrethroids that kill on contact. Researchers are finding that some bedbug populations are now showing signs of resistance to these chemicals. The good news is that organic sprays containing clove, peppermint and orange oils are also effective on contact, and it appears that the insects don’t develop resistance to them. Our Organic Bed Bug Spray is made with peppermint and orange oils. I know I’d rather sleep on a bed sprayed with peppermint oil than one sprayed with a synthetic pesticide.

More Information: Read the article Controlling Bedbugs.

Suzanne DeJohn
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