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Spring Wildflowers

Spring Wildflowers

Take a springtime walk through Lakewold Gardens, a casual, intimate garden that’s just south of Tacoma in Washington State. Lakewold Gardens, just south of Tacoma, Washington, is an estate garden with a casual, intimate appeal. Though the famous landscape architect Thomas Church was commissioned to help the owner design the 10-acre site, the garden’s small, […]

The Cows Come Home

The Cows Come Home

Meet Moonique and learn how a herd of colorful cows contributes to communities throughout Vermont’s Lake Champlain region. Moonique, the Gardener’s Supply cow, painted by artist Jackie Mangione. Gardener’s Supply is taking part in the Cows Come Home Project, organized by the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce in the Burlington, VT, area. Participating businesses […]

Mulch, But Don’t Mound


It’s spring, and the homeowner’s thoughts turn to mulch. Nothing like a new layer of mulch and a freshly cut bed edge to make a yard look sharp. But more than good looks, mulch provides functions in two ways: Mulch helps the soil retain moisture and helps channel more rainfall into the soil. The right […]

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