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Gardeners Get Stylish

When you go out to the garden, express your sense of style — and get the job done.

The Real Deal Hat, made from recycled canvas truck tarps. Inside the hat, it says, ” … don’t take care of this hat; it will take care of you. There is nothing you can do to this hat that hasn’t been done before …”

Me in my pinch-front hat.

Detail on the Real Deal Hat

Detail on the Real Deal Hat

Woody Harrelson

Zombie-killer Woody Harrelson in the Real Deal Hat.

In recent years, gardeners have become more and more fashionable. For instance, you can buy hot-pink gloves, flowered wellies and pumpkin-orange ankle boots. — and you can get them dirty. But if you really want to get fashionable, think about a hat. It says more about your sense of fashion than anything else.


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