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The Good Bugs

The Good Bugs

When you’re deciding how to manage pests in your garden and landscape, keep this in mind: First, do no harm. The vast majority of garden visitors are either helpful or harmless. Learn to identify ladybug larvae, right. They are major aphid eaters. More Information Read Most Bugs are Good Bugs for more detail and photos […]

Small Gardens Revolution


I talk with urban and suburban gardeners every day and I’m impressed with how people cope with food production in small spaces. Those with decent soil and sun in the right place often plant in the ground, mixing ornamentals and food together in their small plots. As I walk through neighborhoods, I see peppers, eggplants, […]

This Year, Avoid Late Blight

This Year, Avoid Late Blight

Like many gardeners who lost their tomato crop to late blight last year, I’m wondering: How can I make sure it doesn’t happen again this year? Unfortunately, there’s no silver bullet. The most important thing you can do: be alert, be prepared. Before deciding which tomato varieties to plant this season, consider choosing one that’s […]

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