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from the employee owners at Gardener's Supply Co.

Gift Ideas for Gardeners

Challenged to find the perfect gift for the gardener or birdwatcher on your list? Can’t think of what to put in your own Dear Santa letter?

Garden Kneeler

Nitrile Gloves


Challenged to find the perfect gift for the gardener or birdwatcher on your list? Can’t think of what to put in your own Dear Santa letter? Shoppers come to our Vermont stores from all over the country, and they’re looking for practical solutions and great-idea gifts. Here’s sampling of what’s hot this season:

Garden Kneeler: This tool may revolutionize gardening for the Boomer generation. Getting down and dirty isn’t our problem—it’s getting up again! The soft pad cradles aging knees and keeps them clean. The handles get us back on our feet with dignity. Turn it over and you can sit on it to admire your work or catch your breath. Lightweight and folds for storage. Now available in a new size with a wider seat.

Nitrile Gloves: These gloves are perfect for weeding and planting because they fit like a second skin and have a sure-grip surface on the palms and fingers. Breathable fabric on the back and wrist keeps them cooler in hot weather. Available in five sizes and a rainbow of color choices, there’s a pair for everyone on your list. An employee favorite.

Tubtrugs: No need to need to wrap this gift. Fill it with everything else you’re taking to the party and leave it for the hosts. It’s one of my top-3, can’t-live-without lawn and garden tools. Use them for kid’s toys, laundry baskets, and tailgate ice buckets, too. With ten colors and three sizes to choose from, you’ll find just the right one for everyone.

Squirrel-proof birdfeeders: Foil the squirrels and feed the birds without fancy baffles and high-tech feeders. Mix a few tablespoons of Cole’s liquid Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce into 5 pounds of birdseed and watch those feeder hogs flee! Made from hot, hot, hot chili peppers, squirrels can’t touch it, but birds eat it up without harm. Find a local distributor and send squirrels packing. Our local customers always come back for more!

Gift cards: Not sure which composter, garden cart, birdfeeder or tool they might like? Tuck a gift card into a pair of gloves, a trug, or compost crock to surprise and delight your recipient.

Happy Holidays!

-Ann Whitman

Green Goods Supervisor, Gardener’s Supply

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