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from the employee owners at Gardener's Supply Co.

Getting the Lawn Off Drugs

Profound social transformations are often traced to individuals whose fearless and insistent actions tip the scales.

Gardener’s Supply has been an organic gardening advocate since our first day in business — working to raise awareness about the benefits of gardening organically and providing a range of products and information to help people make the transition.

We have also spoken out about genetically modified foods, the rapid loss of biodiversity, and the environmental hazards of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Companies like our own can play an important role in social change. But profound social transformations are often traced to individuals whose fearless and insistent actions tip the scales.

Dr. June Irwin of Hudson, Quebec, Canada, is one such individual. The story of her tenacity and the profound impact she has had is hitting the world stage at this year’s World Film Festival of Montreal, Aug. 27-Sept. 7.

Dr. Irwin, who is a dermatologist, took on the lawn care giant then known as ChemLawn and her case went all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court. In a landmark 9-0 decision, she and her town won the right to ban the application of cosmetic lawn and garden chemicals within town borders. This chemical ban soon spread to the entire province of Quebec, and similar bans are now being proposed in cities and towns throughout the country.

The story is told in an 80-minute documentary film titled A Chemical Reaction, directed by Brett Plymale and narrated by Paul Tukey, founder of the SafeLawns Foundation and author of the book, The Organic Lawn Care Manual.

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-Kathy LaLiberte
Director of Gardening, Gardener’s Supply

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