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Monthly archives for April, 2008

Fits Like a Glove


2008 will be my 30th year in the garden. But it’s only my third year wearing garden gloves. Until a couple years ago, I never wore gloves in the garden unless I was pruning roses or raspberries. There are a couple of reasons I was so resistant to wearing gloves. First is that living in […]

The Lotus: Simple and Sensational

The Lotus: Simple and Sensational

Nelumbo nucifera ‘Alba Striata’ bloomed the first season. The lotus is definitely one of the most dramatic blooms in my garden. The distinctive bloom—held high on its stem—is one of those things you really can call “startlingly beautiful.” Its form is striking, yes. But look inside, and you’ll be amazed by the bright-yellow seed capsule, […]

Speaking of Spuds

Speaking of Spuds

Harvesting a crop of Elba Potatoes. Potatoes give me more garden satisfaction per square foot and time invested than any other vegetable I grow. A few years ago I planted six different potato varieties and kept records on how many pounds I harvested from each. The project made a good County Fair exhibit and won […]

Yummy New Container Plants

Yummy New Container Plants

Angelonia ‘Angel Dark Face Violet’. For more inspiration, read the Container Gardening How-To. Proven Winners has introduced so many fabulous container plants over the past few years. Some favorites that I now consider “must haves” include Diamond Frost euphorbia, Sedona coleus, Vanilla Butterfly argyranthemum, Toffee Twist carex, Rubrum pennisetum and Angelina sedum. They’ve done it […]

Tomato Cages and Ladders Face Off

tomato cage and tomato ladder

Like many good ideas, it all began with a casual hallway conversation. Back in the office after a sunny May weekend, Cindy and I were talking about which gardening chores we’d managed to cross off our lists. We had both planted our tomatoes that weekend, but she had put up tomato ladders and I had […]

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