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Test Garden Update: Heuchera and Agas...

Test Garden Update: Heuchera and Agastache
As staff horticulturist, part of my job is to plant and maintain a display garden. I grow many of the newest perennials on the market and evaluate them here in zone 5. Improved varieties of some North American native plants were among the most outstanding plants in the garden during the 2007 growing season. Lime Rickey Heuchera One o [...]

Begonias to Share

After pulling the begonia tubers in late October, I let them dry for several weeks. Then, I nestled them in moist vermiculite in a plastic bucket. When I checked in on the tubers in February, they’d already sprouted — even though the bucket had a lid on it! Mrs. B. called me late in October. The frost was coming and it would be the end [...]


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