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Monthly archives for February, 2008

Dahlias for the Cutting Garden

Dahlias for the Cutting Garden
Gallery Sisley is compact, making it ideal for containers. Photo by Dalbert G. of Berlin Heights, Ohio. See the original image in the Dutch Gardens Photo Center. February is here and if you haven’t done so already, now’s the time to order your dahlias. Since the selection of dahlia bulbs and plants is usually limited at lo [...]

Cochineal: A Pest Redeemed

Cochineal: A Pest Redeemed
Opuntia cactus covered with white scale insects. I hate scale. This persistent insect pest eventually caused the untimely death of my prized Meyer lemon tree. During the annual winter infestations, I would try to keep the insect in check with periodic applications of Neem oil, but after several years of battle, I grew weary of fightin [...]

Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables

Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables
Grow your own vegetables when you can, especially those that appear on the “dirty dozen” list: sweet bell peppers, celery and strawberries Unless you grow your own or buy organic, you can be fairly sure that the canned, frozen, and fresh fruits and vegetables you drop into your shopping cart have been sprayed with chemic [...]

New Succulents for Hot, Sunny Contain...

New Succulents for Hot, Sunny Containers
Sedums and other succulent plants add color and texture and thrive in hot, dry gardens. Succulent plants, like Sedum, Hens and Chicks, and Stonecrop, have really caught my eye over the past couple of years. I’ve seen many of them used in containers and small gardens where their textures and colors stand out from early summer right t [...]

Composting Near and Far

Here I am at the farm with Tierra Pacifica’s organic farm manager, Elias Roriguez. We’re experiencing great success by combining traditional agricultural methods with contemporary innovations. Gardener’s Supply has been promoting organic gardening techniques and composting since 1984. During these past 25 years, our customers have [...]


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