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Growing Tomatoes at 7,000 ft.

Growing Tomatoes at 7,000 ft.
The best tomatoes I’ve ever eaten were grown in Italy and Texas, where the hot sun makes for a high sugar content and lots of rich tomato flavor. So I was surprised to discover that tomatoes are actually native to the Andes of Peru. Sara McAllister on her deck in Carbondale, Co. Sara McAllister probably didn’t know that w [...]

Fighting Climate Change in the Garden

Fighting Climate Change in the Garden
Compost is the key to a healthy, productive garden. Adding organic matter to the soil also helps sequester carbon from the atmosphere. An interesting article by my friend ecologist Steve Apfelbaum appeared in the Christian Science Monitor this week. In “A Dirty Way to Fight Climate Change,” Steve and his associate, retired [...]

Essential Reference Books for Gardene...

Essential Reference Books for Gardeners
Several years ago, I wrote a book called Passport to Gardening. Each chapter included a brief overview of a particular gardening topic (from annual flowers to water gardening) and recommendations for best books on the topic. In order to make these recommendations, I reviewed more than 400 gardening books. Most of them were sent to me free of [...]


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