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Quail Botanical Gardens, Encinitas, C...

Quail Botanical Gardens, Encinitas, CA
The design and plants used in the Undersea Garden successfully imitate the look of a coral reef. On a recent trip to Southern California, I spent a plant-lover’s dream day at Quail Botanical Gardens in Encinitas. I live and garden in northern New England, so visiting a public garden in Zone 10 is a rare and wonderful treat. Located on [...]

The Right Growing Mix for Seedlings

The Right Growing Mix for Seedlings
If you’re going to be starting seeds indoors this spring—under lights, on a windowsill or in a greenhouse—you don’t want to be using regular potting soil. It’s too heavy and dense for the delicate, hair-like roots of a newly-germinated seed. The best soil mix for seed starting is not really soil at all. It’s a growing mediu [...]

Growing Onions from Seeds, Sets, and ...

Growing Onions from Seeds, Sets, and Transplants
Onions grown from seeds or seedlings get larger and keep longer than onions grown from sets. Onions must be one of the most confusing vegetables to grow for new gardeners. Does it make a difference whether you grow them from seeds or sets? Yes, it does and here’s why. Most onions are biennial, which means that they grow vegetatively [...]

Compost Confession

Dinner prep in progress, with the Biobag close at hand, right by the cutting board.
I have a confession to make: Although I work for Gardener’s Supply, I don’t have a backyard composter. Startling, but true. Dinner prep in progress, with the Biobag close at hand, right by the cutting board. All yard waste—and there’s a lot of it—is thrown directly into the bed of my truck. From there, I bring it to the Inte [...]

Dream Gardens

Dream Gardens
My mid-winter daydreams often take me back to Holland’s Keukenhof gardens. This is one of the paths I walked along when I was there on an April morning in 2006. My garden has been frozen and covered with snow since the middle of November. At this point in the winter, I’m so color-deprived that a patch of yellow snow is actually [...]

Too Many Tubtrugs?

Too Many Tubtrugs?
I already have 5 of them. Three old black ones and two more in pistachio green. But I could definitely use a couple more. Last fall, when I was harvesting the last of the vegetables, I filled my tub trugs with beets and carrots; I used them to transport asters and other plants that I had dug out of the perennial border; I put daffodil bulbs [...]

Gardeners You Should Know: Allan Armi...

Gardeners You Should Know: Allan Armitage
Allan Armitage Allan Armitage is one of the world’s leading experts on perennials and annuals. Born in Montreal, Quebec, and now living in Georgia, he has experience gardening in zones 3 through 8. As a professor of Horticulture at the University of Georgia, he oversees the University’s test gardens and new plant programs. Over [...]

Give a Gnome a Home

Give a Gnome a Home
Gnomes aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I really like this one. Other than two stainless steel orbs, a small stone buddha and two concrete bunnies, I have kept a lid on the number and type of “decorative accents” allowed in my garden. But I recently made a new acquisition: a gnome. My British gardening friend Su [...]


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